Pro-confort, based in Geneva (Switzerland), develops orthopaedic equipment for horses prepared for high level competition. Our ligament and tendon supports and stable blankets are designed according to a medical approach, approved by equine veterinarian clinics and rehabilitation centres for horses. Tried and approved by internationally reputed athletes and equestrian sport technicians, our horse-riding equipment is made from micro-perforated, ribbed foam, which:

  •        Facilitates oxygenation and blood circulation to the horse’s legs
  •        Regulates body temperature and prevents excessive perspiration
  •        Eliminates pressure points
  •        Helps to repair the tendon fibres and prevents risks of cramp and injury
  •        Absorbs impacts during transportation

Our patented (patent pending) horse boots and stable blankets optimise relaxation and comfort for the horse, while being quick and easy for carers to apply.

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